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Modified on Thu, 25 Apr 2024 at 04:51 PM

Integrate with your Intuit QuickBooks Online account to easily upload invoices and payments directly into QuickBooks and make account and business management a breeze!


In order to use the Intuit QuickBooks Online integration you must be subscribed to QReserve's Invoice module and have an active QuickBooks Online account.

Setting Up Your Integration

  1. From your Invoices page in Administration, click the Integrations link in the top toolbar and then click the Connect button in the Intuit QuickBooks row.

  2. Authenticate with Intuit and allow QReserve access to your QuickBooks Account.

One Time Uploads

QReserve's QuickBooks integration is designed for one-time uploads. That is, changes to a QReserve invoice will not modify uploaded QuickBooks invoices nor will modifications to QuickBooks invoices modify QReserve invoices. If you need to update a QuickBooks invoice, either do so manually, or delete the invoice from QuickBooks, clear your QuickBooks upload data in QReserve, and re-upload the invoice.

Uploading Invoices and Quotes

Invoices can be uploaded into QuickBooks once they are finalized with a SENT or the PAID status. To upload an invoice click the Upload to QuickBooks button at the top of your invoice.

Products will be matched based on first the item SKU on your invoice item and then by your item name. These must match exactly (case insensitively) or else a default product will be selected in QuickBooks. You can set the SKU value for resources in QReserve by adding the SKU property from the Properties tab when editing a Resource.

In order to upload an invoice, you must match your QReserve invoice's billing customer to an existing customer in QuickBooks. QReserve will attempt to make this match automatically based on your billing email address; however, if this fails, you must select a customer by manually searching. You have the option to set a default customer when no match can be found.

For non-US QuickBooks Online accounts, you must also match your sales tax rate in QReserve to an active sales tax rate in QuickBooks. This process is done automatically and when no match can be found, you will be prompted to create one in QuickBooks first.

For US QuickBooks Online accounts, the automatic sales tax method is used to mark taxable lines as taxable in QuickBooks where the exact rate will then be calculated based on your pre-configured sales tax and customer settings. It is your responsibility to ensure your QReserve sales tax rates are set appropriately.

Uploading Payments

Any payments already applied to an invoice are uploaded automatically when your invoice is uploaded. Payments applied to your QReserve invoice after the initial upload, either manually or through another payments integrations, will automatically be uploaded to QuickBooks.


QReserve accounts currently support a single currency as determined on your Site Settings > Location page in Administration. When uploading invoices and payments to QuickBooks, your currency is specified in the upload and will be marked accordingly if your QuickBooks account has multi-currency enabled; otherwise, all transactions are automatically posted in your QuickBooks default base currency.

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