The QReserve Marketplace is a place where you can list resources for sale. Members of your organization can browse, search, and inquire about those resources. Equipment, locations, services, people, and software may be listed on the Marketplace.

Setting up the marketplace takes 3 steps:

  1. Adding Resources

  2. Editing Resources

  3. Marking Resources for Sale

1. Adding Resources

Start by adding resources to your site in QReserve. Select the ‘Add Resources’ button in Resource Administration.

In the window that appears:

  • Type the name of your resource.
  • Select the class (i.e., equipment, locations, person, service, software, solution.
  • Finalize by selecting ‘Add Resource.’

1. Editing Resources

Now you can edit your resources. Select their name or the pencil icon in the table to visit resource editing.

Under Properties -> General you can add a Description which will appear in the marketplace, and edit additional information about the resource.

You can also select the contact person who will receive the email inquiries sent by Marketplace visitors.

Under Properties -> Picture you can upload a picture of the resource.

3. Marking Resources for Sale

The final step is marking the resource for sale.

Under Properties -> For Sale you can turn on 'For Sale and set a sale price. Turning on ‘For Sale’ will make your resource appear on the Marketplace.