Your QReserve Wishlist is a place for members of your organization to request desired resources. Members may request equipment, locations, services, or software which you can approve or decline.

Approving or Declining Requests by Email

As administrator of your organization’s Wishlist page you will receive emails when members of your organization submit new requests. In the email you will have the option to approve or deny the request with or without a comment. The requester will receive an email notification of your decision.

Approving or Declining Requests by Site Administration

As administrator of your organization's Wishlist page you can access your Wishlist site's Administration. Requested items will appear in the Deactivated Resources.

Select the bin icon to activate resources. This will approve the Wishlist request so that it appears on your Wishlist.

Managing Wishlist Items

Approved requests appear on your Wishlist page and also in your Wishlist site. Visit Resource Administration for your Wishlist site and select the resource name or pencil icon to edit information such as name and description. Changes made here appear on the Wishlist page.