Your QReserve Wishlist is a place to request items you would like for your organization. You may request equipment, locations, services, or software through the Wishlist. 

Requesting Items

As a member of your organization start by visiting your organization’s Wishlist page. Your organization will have the link.

1. Select the ‘Request a Resource’ button to make a new request.

2. Fill out the form that appears and select ‘Submit Wish’ make a request.

Confirmation of Requests

You will receive an email confirming your request which administrators may approve or deny. If your request is approved it will appear on your organization’s Wishlist page. You will receive an email informing you of your administrator’s decision.

Reviewing Requests

Select ‘View My Wishlist Entries’ in your email to visit your Wishlist Manager where you can:

  • View pending, approved, or declined status of your wishlist items;

  • Edit your wishlist items (items already approved will require new approval by administrators);

  • Edit your name and affiliation.