QReserve offers three types of user roles: User, Moderator, and Administrator.


A User is the base level user role and will make up most site members.

Users can do the following:

  • Search and join sites;
  • View and reserve resources (with the appropriate permissions);
  • Search resources across QReserve's research network;
  • View a history of personal approvals, reservations, and training;
  • Edit their personal profile.


A Moderator is the next level user role and can help with the management of sites.

Moderators can do everything Users can do plus the following:

  • Edit reservations of other users in the site;
  • Bypass certain reservation restrictions;
  • Access all reports in administration;
  • Manage site users;
  • Manage training records;
  • Manage resources;
  • Bypass certain reservation restrictions.


An Administrator is the highest level user role and has full control over sites.

Administrators can do everything Moderators can do plus the following:

  • Manage site integrations;
  • Manage site forms;
  • Manage site settings;
  • Manage site subscriptions;
  • Delete sites.