You can control access to your resources by setting approvers for resources. Whenever any user requests to reserve certain resources, the approver will have to approve or reject the request (approvers need not approve their own reservations). You can set any member of your site as an approver for resources, not only administrators and moderators.

There are two ways to set resource approvers: from Resource or User Administration

Setting resource approvers from Resource Administration

You can quickly add and remove approvers for resources from your resource table. Make sure 'Approvers' appears in your table by selecting the pencil that appears when hovering your cursor over column headers. Read more about navigating your Resource Administration here.

There are several options when adding a new approver:

  • 'Skip the verification email' to verify approvers immediately. Otherwise the new approver will receive an email to confirm their approver status.
  • 'Automatically approve all requests' means the approver does not need to manually approve or reject requests, but still receives notifications about reservations for the selected resource.
  • 'Send emails about approvals' determines whether the approver will receive approval request emails or have to approve or reject requests from their dashboard.

You can edit these settings again, and add and remove approvers, under each resource's Reservations options. Select the pencil to edit a resource and go to Reservations and Approvers.

You can also choose whether any or all approvers will have to approve reservation requests.

Setting resource approvers from User Administration

You can set new approvers by editing user settings. Select the pencil to edit a user, select 'Approves Reservations for these Resources' in the pop-up window, and add resources. You will see the same options for adding new approvers as noted above.