Once you have created your QReserve account, you can join and visit sites. Sites are where your facility's resources live and where you go for finding and reserving resources.

Joining sites

Visit the 'Sites' menu item to start, and select 'Search Sites' in the centre or top-right corner of the window.

Type the name of the site you're looking for in the search bar. Select 'Join' to join the site, or select the name of the site to visit its profile page.

The site profile displays information on the site and its resources, a button to join, and a form toward the bottom to contact the site administrator.

The site contact form:

As seen in the photos above, some sites are open and allow any user to join, and some sites are restricted and require users to enter a special code to join. Some sites may also be private and will not appear in the site search; the site administrators will have to add you. Read about setting your own site's access here.

Visiting sites

Once you are a member of a site, you can visit the site and access its reservation calendars.

You can visit your sites by returning to the 'Sites' menu item:

Or you can visit your sites directly from your dashboard: