Edit resources from Resource Administration

To edit resource details, select the resource's name or pencil icon from Resource Administration.

Edit reservation details 

Edit the resource's general reservation details.

General options include whether users can make reservations on the resource. If disabled, the resource will still appear in your site, but no user will be able to reserve it.

Choose whether users can loan the resource. Making a resource loanable adds a 'Check out now' button, so that users can instantly take out the resource for use, as at a library.

Edit the resource's reservation options.

Choose whether the resource contains reservable units (e.g., a fridge with shelves).

Choose how long after reservations users are able to make edits with the 'Reservation Editing Window.'

Choose the maximum duration reservations can last for.

Choose whether the resource's reservations will be made public.

Choose whether any user, or administrators and moderators only, will be able to make recurring reservations.

Choose the resource's colour for displaying on the resource and site calendars.

Edit the resource's rates

Choose which user group the rate applies to, add a description, and define the details of the rate, including whether it is publicly visible or requires an account number.

Edit the resource's approvers.

Whenever a user requests a reservation on the resource, the approver will have to approve or deny the reservation.

Choose whether the approver receive emails. If not, the approver will have to approve reservations from their dashboard.

Choose whether approvers are automatically approvers. The approver will still receive notifications of reservation requests.

Edit the resource's capacity limit.

Choose the maximum capacity of a resource. The platform will compare the resource's reservation times against its capacity limit in reporting to show you whether you are over- or under-utilizing your resources.

Edit the resource's group restrictions.

Choose whether only certain user groups are able to reserve the resource.

Add blackout periods.

During blackout periods, users will be unable to reserve the resource.

Edit the resource's blockers

Choose whether reserving this resource blocks reservations on another resource, and whether reservations on the related resource block this one. This feature is useful when resources are related in space or function and so cannot be used separately at the same time.

Add training requirements

Users will only be able reserve the resource if they have been assigned the required training.