View resources and make quick edits from Resource Administration

Administrators and moderators can view a site's resources, make quick edits to approvers and contacts, and find links to the resources' profile, calendar, and edit pages.

Sort your resource list

Hove your cursor over 'Resources' to reveal the double arrows. Select the arrows to sort your resources in ascending or descending alphabetical order.

Select information for quick edits

Hover your cursor over the titles of the central two columns to choose which resource information to display and edit.

Select from the menu options and confirm your selection by pressing the green check mark.


Select the eye icon under 'Tools' to view the resource's profile page, the calendar icon to view the calendar, the pencil to view the edit page, and the bin to deactivate the resource.


Select 'Filter' to filter resources according to user groups.

Manage user groups

You can organize your resources into user groups with certain permissions and reservation rates.

Select the '+' to create a new group or select an existing group.

Edit the rates, resource restrictions, and user restrictions for the user group.