User Administration

Administrators and moderators can organize and manage users from User Administration.

Edit user roles

Select the user's Role box to make them a user, moderator, or administrator.

Users can view your site and reserve resources but have no access to Administration.

Moderators have all the permissions of users and can also access Administration.

Administrators have all the permissions of moderators and can also access Site Settings.

View user information

View all information about users, including account number, which user or resource reservations they are approvers for, which users approve them, who their supervisor is, and which groups they belong to.

Edit user information

Select the pencil icon to edit a user's information.

You can edit the user's account number, which user groups they belong to, which reservations they must approve or be approved for, and their supervisor.

Filter and sort users

Select 'Filter/Sort' and choose which field you would like to filter and sort your users by.

Multi-edit users

All edits you can make for individual users, you can make for multiple users at once. Select 'Multi-Edit' and choose to which users and field you would like to edit.

Manage user groups

You can organize your users into user groups with certain permissions and reservation rates.

Select the '+' to create a new group or select an existing group.

Edit the rates, resource restrictions, and user restrictions for the user group.