Administrators and moderators can add and remove users in sites

You can add new users to your site by selecting 'Add User' in User Administration.

Enter the new user's email and role, and choose additional options.

You can choose to send an email notification to new users. If the user does not already have a QReserve account, an email notification is required which will prompt the user the set up their account. You can also include a message, set an account number, and choose which user group the new user will belong to.

You can remove users from your site by selecting the bin icon under 'Tools.' This function will only remove the user from your site and not delete the user's QReserve account.

Premium users can add users in bulk

Administrators and moderators for sites with a Premium licence can upload users in bulk by selecting 'Upload' from User Administration.

You can download an example CSV file to see the correct headers for bulk upload. Then simply drag and drop your own CSV file with all of your users and their information to add them to your site.

Users can add and remove themselves

Users can sign up for QReserve on their own and then search for and join your site.

Users can view your site's profile page and join.

If your site is set to Open, the user will be able join. If your site is set to Restricted, the user will have to enter the join code that you can set in Site Settings.

Users can leave your site by visiting your site's profile page and selecting 'Revoke Membership.' Users can always join again at a later time.