Incoming iCalendar Feeds are available in our Unlimited and Premium Subscription Plans

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If you have a piece of equipment or resource that currently uses Google Calendar or any other online calendar service, QReserve supports two-way calendar syncing through iCalendar Feeds.

QReserve Calendar Exporting

You can access the calendar feed URL for any resource by visiting that resource's calendar page and clicking on the Export Calendar link.

QReserve Calendar Import (Premium Feature)

If you also use an external calendar service to book time on a resource, you can import this calendar into QReserve to display and prevent conflicts. For the purposes of this documentation, we will demonstrate how to set this up using Google Calendar as your calendar source; however, the instructions will be similar for any calendar service that offers the ability to export the calendar.

Turn on iCal Feed URLs from Integrations in Administration.


  • External calendar feeds are imported on a per resource basis. Each resource must link to its own, independent calendar.
  • External calendar feeds are refreshed once every 15 minutes.  It may take up to 15 minutes for initial or new events to appear on your calendar.
  • Events are read-only and cannot me modified or deleted from within QReserve.
  • QReserve will use the summary field of events as a reservation name if provided in the feed.

First, access the calendar settings for the Google Calendar you wish to export:

Next, decide whether to use a Public or a Private calendar URL.  With the public option, you have the ability to only share booked times without any additional information.  The private URL will share more information.  If you are using the public option, can can choose to share the summary and description of events as well.  We will presume you are using the Public option.  If so, click the Sharing Options tab in Google Calendar and specify that you want to share the calendar publicly.

Then, return to the Calendar Details tab and click the green ICAL button to get the unique calendar sharing URL.

Finally, return to the Reservation Options tab for the resource you wish to import this calendar into and paste the URL into the iCalendar Feed URL field.