The Actual Usage Tracking software installs on instrument-connected Windows PCs to track actual equipment and computer utilization. Users have to log in with their QReserve account to access the computer and equipment, and the data is automatically synced with your QReserve account for your billing records.

To get started, please contact us at to purchase a licence key. Licence keys will appear under your Administration Panel under the Tracking Software tab, and you will be able to assign the keys to resources. You can find pricing for licences at the following link:

You will also download the Actual Usage Tracking software from the above link. Currently the software only runs on Windows PCs. Once you download the software, a set-up wizard will take you through getting started. The software will then ask for your licence key, which you will copy from your Administration Panel. You will also be able to add an administrator password and an emergency contact.

Once set up, you can log in using 'admin' for the username and your admin password to go to the settings panel, where you can set the licence key, change the password, and export usage logs (if using offline).

You can also enter 'shutdown' for the username with your admin password to shut down the software.