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With QReserve, you can loan out resources like a library and manage everything with ease from your mobile phone. No special QReserve app is required; everything goes through your phone's existing web browser.

Follow these steps to get started

1) As an administrator, set the resource to 'Loanable' to add a 'Check Out Now' button on the resource's profile page.

2) Print the resource's unique QR code and attach it to a resource (either print using a label maker or a regular printer with sticker paper for ease of application).

3) On your phone, use a QR code scanner app to scan the QR code and go directly to the resource's profile page. Many such apps are available for free on both Android and iOS.

4) Click the 'Check Out Now' button to check the resource out (either a user or a staff member can perform this task).

5) When done with the resource, scan the QR code and click the 'Return' button to mark it as returned.

Self-Serve or Concierge Options

You can setup a resource to have self-service access or require concierge access (staff assisted check-outs and/or check-ins).

Self-Serve Check-Outs

A user with permission to check out resources can go through all the above steps on their own so long as they have permission. To grant users permission: 

1) Make sure the user is a member of your site.

2) Set 'Users can mark loans as returned' to Yes on your resource's settings.

Concierge Check-Outs

1) Restrict user access to a resource by creating a user group for staff members and restricting your resource to this new user group under the Reservation Options.

2) Add moderators or administrators to this group. They will act as the concierge staff members.

2) When a staff member checks a resource out, use the Reserved For User field to select the user who is checking the resource out.

3) Once checked out, that user will receive a confirmation email and have the reservation stay under their account.

Self-Serve Check-Ins

Users are able to return items on their own if this mode is turned on under Reservation Options.

Concierge Check-Ins

Restrict user's ability to return items until seen by a staff member by disabling this mode under Reservation Options. When users cannot mark loans as returned, a site moderator or administrator is the only one who can mark an item as returned.