If you are subscribed to our premium subscription or enterprise integration you have access to bulk import tools at the top of the Users administration page.  To get started, click the "Show Bulk Import Tools" link at the top of the users list page, then click the Download CSV Template link.  This CSV template will open in Excel or other spreadsheet editing application and be used as your starting point for bulk importing users.  The default columns provided are Group, First Name, Last Name, Email Address and Account Number.

Users can automatically be added to one or more groups by filling in the Group field with the name of each group.  If you wish to add a user to multiple groups, separate each group name with a | symbol (usually found at the right hand side of the keyboard and entered by pressing shift and the backslash key).  For example, a user could be added to the External Users and the Company X group by entering the following into the Group column:

External Users | Company X

If a group name is entered that does not yet exist, it will be created automatically for you.

The email address field should contain only a plain email address, without any angled brackets or names.

Once your spreadsheet is filled out, upload it into the file upload box above the Download CSV Template link. A list of your new users will be shown to verify that the information is correct.  

Finally, click the Complete Import button to import your users.