As a site moderator or administrator, you can manually add a user to your site if you know their email address.  In the Userssection of Lab Administration, click the + Add User button in the top right corner.  On the next page, enter their email address.  We recommend you check off the "Notify this user via email" option so that they know they are now a member of your site.

User Led

If your site's access setting is set to Open (see Site Settings in Administration), then any user can join your site by searching by site name on their Memberships page.   If your site's access setting is set to Restricted then they must be given a Join Code, that you set on the Site Settings page, prior to being allowed to join.

User Roles

Users in your site can take on one of three different roles:

  • User: A typical user with permission to view resources and make reservations.  They are unable to modify any items.
  • Moderator: A moderator is able to create and modify resources and users but is not able to modify global site settings such as name or location.
  • Administrator: An administrator is able to modify anything in the site including global site parameters.  When you create a new site, you are automatically set as a site administrator.

You can modify the role of users within your site in the Users section of Administration.  Click on the symbol on the right hand side of a user's row in the table to modify their role.

User Groups

User groups are used to categorize different users depending on their reservation rate requirements.  For example, you may create an "Internal" user group and an "External" user group, where the external group is charged a higher fee per hour on certain resources. Create a new user group on the User Groups page in Administration.

Users are placed in user groups by clicking on their name on the Users page in Administration and then checking off the groups they are on in the list of user groups in the top right corner of that user's profile page.

When adding rates to a resource, select the applicable user group for that rate from the drop-down, or select All Users to show the rate to users regardless of the user group membership.