QReserve supports the ability for a resource to have multiple reservation units.  For example, a fridge may offer 4 different shelves and a user may require only 2 of them.  A resource is only unavailable when all units are reserved or when the number of requested units can not be met at some point within the requested reservation timespan. By default, resources have only 1 reservation unit meaning that it can only be reserved once at a time.

To setup multiple reservation units, follow these directions:

- Select a resource from the Resources page in Administration.

- Select the Reservation Options tab.

- Under, General Options, change the value of Number of Reservable Units to the value you desite.

- Optionally, set a Unit Name such as "shelves" or "cages".

- Press the Save button.

- On that resource's reservation page, the new reservation window will now have a drop-down to select the Number of Shelves (or other name depending on your Unit Name selection).

Cost estimates for that reservation will automatically take units into consideration so if your rate is setup as $10 per hour per unit, a 2 hour reservation of 3 units will be estimated at $10 x 2 hours x 3 units = $60.